Thursday, August 23, 2012

Next Meeting: Saturday, September 29th

All of the mug rugs!

We had a great turn out for our third meeting last Saturday at Ryco Creative Sewing Center! There were lots of quilts for show and tell, a Christmas mug rug swap, and Cindy from Ryco showed us some fabulous modern fabrics and quilting tools that are new to the shop. 

Pat, showing off her quilt!

Tina and Julia showing off the "sisterhood of the traveling quilt"!

We also talked about the purpose of our guild - many other chapters of the Modern Quilt Guild are very focused on only being "modern." At the Rhode Island Modern Quilt Guild, we are exploring modern aesthetic - it's about experimenting, trying out new techniques and methods, getting inspiration from both traditional and modern quilts, and each of us finding where our personal quilting style falls on the spectrum from traditional to modern. We aren't interested in excluding anyone because they're "too traditional" - we are only interested in bringing together a group that is curious about modern quilting and interested in exploring how they can be inspired by it.

Our next meeting: Saturday, September 29th at 2pm 
at Ryco Creative Sewing Center, 25 Carrington Street, Lincoln

On the agenda:
Show & tell - As always, bring a project to show to the group (in progress is fine)! If you have a project you're not sure about - how to go about quilting, or are wondering how to choose binding fabric - bring it along to ask the group!

Choosing our logo block - Some other modern quilt guilds have a quilt block that they use as their logo. Bring ideas and samples (sketch, finished block, or an idea in your head) to share as an idea for our logo. We'll choose one and use that logo as part of a nametag challenge for our October meeting.

Bring your favorite quilting tool - We'll each share our favorite tool and what we love about/how we use it!

Modern Fabric Shop Feature - Cindy will showcase some of the new modern fabrics and quilting tools coming in to the shop. Get ready to be inspired!

We hope you can make it! And bring a friend!

And we have something brewing for our October meeting - get started now!

Table Topper Challenge:

Make a table topper of some kind (a table runner, circular or oval shape, depending on the shape of your own table). Use only solid colors!

This is a great chance to try out one of the elements that's characteristic of modern quilting: the use of solid fabric. Any solid will do - take inspiration from the colors of your kitchen or dining room, from the season (fall colors!) or just what you like.

We'll show these off at our October meeting. If you want to swap, feel free, or make the project for yourself.

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