Wednesday, April 10, 2013

April Meeting Rcap

During our April meeting we heard a great talk on COLOR from Allison WilburAllison discussed Primary Colors, and the bold effect of Complementary Colors (color wheel opposites).


Allison suggested using a color tool like the one below (or even paint chips!) when shopping for fabrics. 

Allison also showed us the effect of warm colors versus cool colors. In the star blocks below, when the warm color is in the background (yellow/orange fabrics), the block tends to appear "flat", but when she reversed the pattern and used the warm colors in front, the star really develops depth and a 3D effect.  The blue quilt below demonstrates the use of monochromatic fabrics, and the multi-colored quilt has an interesting effect of fading from one color to another.

As always, we saw some amazing quilts from our members during "show and tell"! 

Thanks to everyone who made it out to the April meeting. 
We are all looking forward to seeing the finished items from our Crayon Challenge at our May 4th, 2pm meeting! More details about our next meeting will be posted soon. 

Happy quilting!

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