Sunday, August 4, 2013

August Meeting Recap

Thanks to everyone who came out to our meeting this weekend!  We had a great group and a lively discussion of what makes a quilt modern or traditional.

Below is the list we came up with.  The MOST important thing to remember is that our guild does not see modern as "good" and traditional as "bad" - we don't exclude anyone from our group for being "too traditional."  What we all have in common is that we're all interested in exploring the modern aesthetic.  So much of our inspiration comes from tradition techniques and patterns!

This list is the basis for our next challenge: MAKE IT MODERN.  For our next meeting, we're challenging our members to take inspiration from traditional quilting and update it to make it modern. Becky brought a great example of this to our meeting this weekend: she updated a traditional dresden block by using bright chevron fabric, and by using all the same fabric around the plate.

Here are some more photos from our meeting (blame my dead camera battery for the low-quality photos - I had to use my iphone.  Still, these modern colors really pop!).

Our next meeting will be on Saturday, September 7th at 2pm.  We'll continue our exploration of what makes a quilt "modern" by sharing the results of our "Make It Modern" challenge. Then we'll have a demo by Coco on improv quilting. Don't forget to bring something to share at show & tell. As always, we'll be at Ryco Creating Sewing Center.  See you there!!