Tuesday, May 6, 2014

May Meeting Recap

We had a great meeting this month; thank you to all the members who attended. Check our our meeting recap below, and an exciting announcement for next month's meeting!

The Michael Miller Fabric Challenge has been extended by the MQG. If you are submitting your quilt for a chance to win prizes, the due date is July 25th (see the Community page of the MQG members site to enter).

We are setting our due date for the July 12th meeting; we can't wait to see your project! We have set a little extra challenge by requesting at least 25% of your quilt to be negative space. Get creative with you FMQ! Reminder that you can add any solids or other fabrics from this line.

We learned about different techniques for labeling your quilts; after all, they are works of art and deserved to be "signed"!

1) Purchase fabric labels that are custom printed; Spoonflower and Etsy have some great resources
2) Use fabric pens to author a unique message, or the name/date of your quilt. (hint: press freezer paper to the back of the fabric to make it easier to write on)
3) Print your own! See some instructions here

We did a great Quilting Book Share; here were some favorites:
Did we miss any? Share in our Members Facebook Group

There were some great Show & Tell quilts, and some early-bird Fabric Challenge pieces!

RIMQG Retreat:
Desiree and Becky coordinated our 1st Quilting Retreat to take place in Wells, VT
$200 for a 3 night stay. Two sessions - August 19-21 (5 more spots available!), and August 22-24 (FULL), 2014.

If you are interested in attending our first session, please email us soon! Deadline for signups is the June 7th meeting.

Next Meeting / Birthday Party / SEWING DAY!!!
We are super excited to announce that next month (for our 2nd birthday!!), our meeting will be held at member Tracy's house in Exeter, RI. 

The day will begin at 10:00am with open sewing all day! At 2:00pm, anyone who is not participating in the sewing day is welcome to join us for some birthday cake and other meeting agenda items.

Join us for show & tell, a modern Fat Quarter Swap (make it summery fabric!), and an invitation to participate in our first guild Bee! Charity and Jen will be explaining how it works and helping to organize this fun activity.

After the meeting wraps up, we will continue our sewing day for a bit longer.

If you are attending the sewing day, please bring a few items:
1) Chair/table (let us know if you cannot bring your workstation and we will coordinate with other members who have extra)
2) If convenient, Iron/Ironing Board (we can share!)
3) Food! (we will coordinate on the facebook page and share)

To RSVP for the sewing day (and/or regular meeting), please email us. We will reply in a few weeks with directions to Tracy's house.

We look forward to seeing everyone next month! Until then, share your tips, photos, and questions on our Members Facebook Group.